Modern technology has greatly enhanced the Department’s ability to make timely notifications in the rare occasion of an emergency at a correctional facility.  The Department utilizes a web-based system to provide a more rapid and comprehensive notification system to communities surrounding state correctional facilities. 

The Emergency Communications Network’s CodeRED notification system is used by more than 3,000 state and local government entities across the United States and Canada.  Those living near a correctional facility can be notified of emergency situations (i.e. escape) via phone contact, text messages and/or emails.  Additionally, family members of offenders assigned to state correctional facilities can get notified of general information such as visitation cancellations.

Below is a list of state correctional facilities participating in the current notification system.  Please review the information and decide how you would like to receive notifications.


Avoyelles Correctional Center                                    David Wade Correctional Center

Dixon Correctional Institute                                       Louisiana State Penitentiary

La. Correctional Institute for Women and Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

B.B. Sixty Rayburn Correctional Center